Zombie Hunting Permit - Wisconsin ATV Plates

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Zombie Hunting Permit

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Size: W - 4.5" H - 7.0" (aproximate)

Note: This item is sold for novelty purposes only and we do not recommend removing any of the factory warning plates.

  • We want your plate to fit perfectly so please measure your current plate and send the dimensions with your order. We will custom make your plate to your size and specifications.

  • Each plate is a full color aluminum plate. There are no stickers applied.

  • Easy to clean and UV protected. You permit comes with pop rivets for installation.

  • Each plate is individually numbered and no 2 plates in each state will have the same number. Numbers are issued as the plate is made and the number is unique to your plate.

  • You'll have a choice of plate colors (Yellow, Blue, Green and White) and your choice of state.

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